File Name Fields

rootfull path of search
dospathfull path of file using '\'
dosdirdirectory of file using '\'
dossubdirportion of the path from root to filename using '\'
unixpathfull path of file using '/'
unixdirdirectory of file using '/'
unixsubdirportion of the path from root to filename using '/'
filenamefile name with no directory
basenamefile name with no extension
extensionfile extension

File Attributes Fields

filesizebyte size of file
createdcreation timestamp of file
modifiedmodified timestamp of file
accessedlast access timestamp of file
readonlyread-only attribute of file
archiveto be archived attribute of file
filecrc32 bit CRC of file contents
filemd5MD5 of file contents
contentsfile contents

Document Fields

titletitle of document
artistperforming artist
yearyear of release
songkeysong musical key
songhashhash of title, artist

Image Fields

widthwidth of image
heightheight of image
makemake of camera
modelmodel of camera
softwaresoftware of camera
takentimestamp when image taken
latitudelatitude where image taken
longitudelongitude where image taken
altitudealtitude where image taken