Temblast Database Substitution Program

The Temblast Database Plotting Program (DB Plot) is a general utility for plotting scientific data accessed from a database. It shares a pedigree with the DB Subst program.

What differentiantes it from other plotting packages is the ability to plot from multiple data sources. This can be handy for plotting recorded data from one data source with proscribed limits from another data source. Multiple panes and traces are also supported with no limitations of the x and y variables.

Support of all aspects of formatting is controlled through CSS style sheets. Colors, fonts, line styles and of course background logo can all be customized.

The command line operation with preview window allows updating of large plot projects. Multiple plot configurations can be stored in a single file. Together with the versatility of DB Subst websites or printed documents of a large number of plots can easily be generated.

Scientific Plot
Scientific Plot

A web version of the DB Plot User's Guide is accessible here: Table of Contents