Temblast Multi-Channel Audio Monitoring

In many multiple channel operations, such as satellite and cable, the audio channels receive short shrift. Quite often audio channels will remain clipped, out of phase, imbalanced or silent for weeks on end all the while in-house technicians will scrutinize complacently a wall of video monitors.

The Temblast Multi-Channel Audio Monitoring System is composed of a module for device control (IRD, STB, router), Temblast Audio Level Display for audio analysis, a video grab module and Temblast DB Plot and DB Subst for report generation.

The system scans the audio channels taking samples. Usually 60 seconds will be sufficient. The entire process can run automated and unattended. The final output is available as HTML pages.

Here is an example of such a collection of HTML pages from actual measurements of Intelsat Americas Ku transponders up to October 27, 2006.

Some notable channels include: